Dave Wells

Dave Wells
Area Manager

“It’s my job to assess how the business is doing in a particular area, measuring whether we’re delivering enough profit and ensuring we give customers the great service we’re known for.

Every season brings a different challenge, and no two days are the same.

“What I love most about being here is the level of autonomy. If you see a way of making things better for customers, you can. The business is proactive like that. It makes sense, as we’re all about giving customers the tools to get stuff done. It would be odd if we didn’t give our own people the same thing. So long as something is in line with our culture and values, you can move forward with confidence.”

I’ve been here over six years and I still find it inspiring.

“You can go a long way here if you show that you’re capable. If you’re determined, able to learn new things quickly and can think on-the-spot to solve commercial problems, you’ll do very well here. How far can you go? Well, I’m still finding out.”