Acting responsibly

Our actions

We pursue sustainability within our operations by striving to make them socially responsible and environmentally aware and economically viable.


What we are doing and why?

Sustainability is important to us because fundamentally, it’s the right thing to do and customers and our Team Members care about it. We make no claim to be perfect and we understand that our operations have an impact – both on the communities we live in and more widely. As such, as we continue to grow our business and employ more Team Members, we’re committed to reducing that impact and improving the overall efficiency of our operations.

Across all of our operations we are focused on reducing our energy usage and waste, sourcing responsibly and helping our customers to make sustainable living choices.

In the short-term, our immediate focus is to use less energy, create less waste along and increase our recycling levels. Longer term, we are committed to finding new ways to achieving further reductions in our overall carbon footprint.


In our Community

Our Support

Bunnings is committed to participating in the communities in which we operate by contributing to local, regional and national causes, charities and organisations throughout the UK and Ireland.

We provide support to a variety of local community groups as well as schools, hospitals and sporting clubs through our sausage sizzles, hands-on D.I.Y. projects, product contributions and more.

Hands-On Help and Contributions

Our preference is to support local community groups by providing hands-on assistance with their projects. Wherever possible, our teams take the opportunity to get out into the community and help with projects, like assisting with garden makeovers and providing D.I.Y. support. We also regularly donate products for community activities including raffles and fundraising events.

Sausage Sizzles and Fundraising Opportunities

Bunnings sausage sizzles and cake stalls offer fundraising opportunities for local community groups weekly. All the funds raised go straight to the community group hosting the fundraiser.

Our stores also provide community groups with the opportunity to host an awareness table in the foyer, which allows groups to talk to customers about their cause and fundraise.

D.I.Y. Workshops and In-store Activities

Bunnings Team Members regularly conduct D.I.Y. Workshops for local community groups.

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